Wellborn: adj. \’wel-’born\ : of good lineage or stock

Wright: noun. \rīt\ : an expert of craftsmanship; a builder, a maker, or a shaper of wood

Wellborn + Wright is committed to providing timeless high-quality finished products. Our wood is reclaimed from all over the east coast – from turn-of-the-century barns in western Pennsylvania, to textile mills in Boston, and down to centuries old lumber mills in West Virginia. This salvaged wood is saved from landfills and given new life by our skilled team of craftsmen. We utilize sustainable and detail-oriented processing techniques, ensuring that all of our products maintain their character. We are a unique custom architectural manufacturer who can streamline the process of fabrication that would normally require the collaboration of several contractors. We work directly with architects, interior designers, and builders, allowing us to deliver your vision of a consistent aesthetic in both the design and in the integrity of the architectural elements in your project.

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