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Any stair components can be fabricated individually to specification. We also offer complete staircase packages. For more information in regards to our metal components, click here. Due to the complex and incredibly custom nature of staircases and their components, please speak to a design representative for more information.

Treads can be made to specification in a wide range of dimensions and profiles. Our standard offerings are 1″ in thickness however we can offer up to 3″ in thickness.
Single plank treads without glue-up are limited to 12″ widths without curves. Multiple plank treads can be made to any width with or without curves.
Our standard tread profiles are full round over or a square edge profile.
Our surface textures are smooth or hit and miss.
We can also install returns if you have an open stairwell. We can create curved riser first treads.
We can create landings and risers to match.

We can provide nosing and transitions to match your stairwell components.

We can match the railing to the design of the home and the accompanying staircase. We offer a variety of profile option standards from our inventory. We can match an existing profile or create a custom profile by request. We can build a wooden railing with matching hand rail or fabricate a steel railing to go with a wooden handrail.

We can offer reclaimed or new growth newel posts to match your stairwell with different profiles and designs. Newel posts are highly custom, so feel free talk to our design team to navigate our fabrication options.

Our stringers are metal, we do not make wooden stringers. They can be a single or double stringer. Contact us for bespoke options such as floating treads. For more information on our metal staircase components click here.

Our installation team can install and finish your staircase/staircase components for an additional cost. Alternatively, we can deliver individual staircase components for installation by your contractor. Please contact a W+ sales representative for more information on the installation of your staircase/staircase components.