In order to provide you with a finished product that meets all of your needs, we offer a number of different species, textures, and finishes. While we have a list of our most common options below, keep in mind that there is no limit to what is possible and our team would love to work with you to create something new.


Our stock is predominantly Reclaimed Oak, Pine, Chestnut, and Elm. We also source all species of reclaimed and sustainable hardwoods.



Original Surface: No amount of post-industrial distressing can replicate our most authentic surface. Decades of exposure to the elements result in a weathered patina and distressed texture. Prominent saw kerf coverage is the distinct attribute of this material.

Smooth: This refined surface texture reveals the natural tones of the inherent patina in the wood. The characteristics of smooth reclaimed wood are nail holes, mild to medium checking, burrowing insect holes, and mixed grain patterns.

Hit + Miss: Using a technique known as skip planing, hit or miss lumber provides a unique texture that allows for both the natural tones of milled lumber, as well as unique marking and weather patina of the original surface to be enjoyed.


Natural finish: A water- based, low VOC matte finish that most closely resembles unfinished wood, while offering all of the protection of a finished product.

Tung oil: A satin finish that elevates the color of the product with a rich, hand-rubbed patina and a water-resistant finish. Tung oil enhances the natural beauty of the wood’s grain by penetrating deep into the pores forming a bond with the wood’s fiber.

European oils: An all-natural, 0% VOC matte finish that enhances the natural beauty of the wood’s surface. European oils adhere to the microns of our wood by molecular bonding to create a durable, long lasting protective finish. These oils comes in an array of different colors, including chocolate, white, and silver grey.