We never stop looking for high quality reclaimed materials. Have a barn, factory, out building, mill, silo, or other pastoral source of wood? Tearing down a bridge, a basketball court, a wooden boat, a train car? We would love to buy it from you. Once you have read all the information provided on this page, it is quite simple to start the process of selling us your reclaimed lumber.


Ideally, we are looking for chestnut, oak, or heart pine. However, don’t let that stop you from showing us a sample of other hardwoods, such as beech, birch, or maple. Any wood with great character could be of interest to us. Don’t hesitate to send us an proposal.


1. Submitting a Proposal

The first step is to submit a proposal to us. Be prepared to provide us with photos, samples, and a detailed description of the reclaimed materials. Photos should be of the wood as-is. If the original structure is still standing, please include pictures of the inside and outside of the building, as well as close-ups of the wood. Samples should be at least 1-2” thick, 3” wide, and 6” long. Longer and wider dimensions are preferred.

2. Packaging your Wood

Proper packing is necessary for successful transportation. Wellborn + Wright has a few packing guidelines (listed below) to help you receive the maximum selling price and guarantee a smooth moving process. **If you can’t meet these guidelines, price adjustments can be made.


Before stacking into bundles, it is important to first de-nail and clean the surface of the reclaimed wood. It should then be sorted by like materials, preferably first by species, then by dimension and color.


Once you’ve got your wood sorted into bundles, band each bundle every 4 feet using a steel banding strap with a minimum of a ½” width. Make sure to stack piles flat, using at least two 4”x 4” bolsters banded on top of each bunk to facilitate smooth and efficient loading.

Dimension Requirements

Width of bundle: 42”-48”
Height of bundle: 12”-32”
Length of bundle: 4’ minimum


Each of your bundles needs to be assigned and marked with a number that will correlate to an inventory list. Your inventory list should also include quantities for each bundle and needs to be included with your shipment.


Once secured and labeled, stack bundles using 4”x4”x48” bolsters. Use as many bolsters as necessary to stack bundles as neatly as possible.

3. Transporting your Wood

How you’d like to transport your wood is up to you. Although Wellborn + Wright does not provide shipping services, we will gladly provide a list of reputable shippers to work with. Regardless of whether you plan to haul the wood yourself or utilize a shipper, make sure you tell us how and when you plan on dropping off your wood.


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