traditional handcrafted furniture

We are committed to providing outstanding, timeless materials that coexist in harmony with the environment. Most of our wood is reclaimed from turn-of-the-century agricultural and industrial sites, long out of use. This salvaged wood is then given new life by our skilled team of craftsmen. We utilize sustainable and detail-oriented processing techniques, ensuring that all of our products maintain their character. Our highest goal is to produce materials that will be enjoyed by generations to come while also preserving the planet we leave with them.
Some would say that by reclaiming materials as a fundamental part of our business makes us inherently sustainable. While this is in some degree true, all consumption, even furniture making, has an impact on the environment. We are committed to creating conscious and sustainable concepts that further reduce our footprint.

We’re proud to be a part of your commitment to sustainable design.

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Made in the USA

All of our products are consciously manufactured right here in Richmond, Virginia. Even though we ship worldwide, we are a local business that is proud to create American jobs using American craftsmanship in a sustainable way.

Materials Saved from Landfills

Every structure we reclaim is thousands of board feet of beautiful lumber saved from landfills. All of the woodchips and sawdust that created from our processes are mixed together and sold to a pellet company. By choosing to use reclaimed wood, you help lower our collective impact on the environment, one less felled tree at a time.

Employee Recycling

We recycle everything with designated areas for every type of waste we produce. We recycle paper from our offices. We repurpose our woodchips and sawdust into pellets. We recycle our metal scraps from our metal department. We recycle plastics from bottles. We encourage employees to bring recyclables from home. Everyone has a part.

Reclaimed Warehouse + Furniture

We built our offices and shops from the ground up. Our building was originally an envelope factory that was run down. (As in roof falling in, tar covered floors, concrete in the pipes run down) We cleaned the building up and reused as much as we could. When we built our offices and showrooms we chose reclaimed materials. We built our shop carts and cabinets from reclaimed materials.