Hand Hewn

Rough Sawn

Smooth / New Surface

Reclaimed Wood Beams and Timbers

A quality hand hewn beam is the ultimate treasure of reclaimed timbers. Before there were saws large enough and powerful enough to cut timbers farmers and craftsmen spent winter months cutting them by hand. The cut marks found in hand hewn timbers are the original marks created by hand saws and axes. This texture provides a timeless aesthetic that directly connects us to a time when our relationship with nature was meticulously crafted.

At Wellborn + Wright we reclaim timber beams from 19th Century Barns, Tobacco Warehouses, Textile Mills, and Factory’s. We have Hand Hewn, Rough Sawn, and Plain Sawn Beams available. Species include, Heart Pine, Antique Oak, Wormy Chestnut, Hickory, Poplar and Beech. Custom millwork for reclaimed timber packages is also available.

These reclaimed wood beams can give that vintage look to your dwelling. The embellishment with the wood beams like timber wood beams is impeccable and everlasting. Go ahead and make your pick.